Superyacht Packages

AWA Marine offers a wide range of tailormade Communication & Navigation Packages for the Megayacht Market, and through our various partners, we can design, install, service and support these systems world-wide.

Unlike the Commercial Maritime Market, the Megayacht market does not operate by the same rules, and as a result has very different expectations on the required service Levels, and more importantly the response times from any issues that may arise onboard.

In particular, Raytheon Anschutz understand these requirements more than most manufacturers, and they have specifically designed a seperate department internally to handle this market.

When deciding for Raytheon Anschütz Navigation systems Mega yachts, our customers decide for a professional, day by day proven solution for full Integrated Navigation Systems (INS). These navigation solutions serve the owner’s special demands, with high performance levels.

Superior features ensure a safe and most comfortable cruise, whereas standardized user interfaces and harmonized product design enable the realization within very individual bridge designs.

Thanks to dedicated support throughout the whole project and a close relationship to leading shipyards for mega yachts, any owner requirements can be implemented. Cutting edge technology leads the way, no matter which way the wind is blowing.

Furthermore, our Intergrated Packages have special features that have been designed specifically for the Megayacht Market, please see some examples below as follows

Multifunction Work Displays

  • Your benefit
    Full navigation data control at any workstation simplifies watch keeping
  • Easy operation through common operating philosophy (“look and feel”)
  • Redundancy of equipment leads to additional safety
  • Efficiency in spare parts logistics through standardized hardware
  • Integration of Anschütz steering control and track keeping system

Optionally further ship systems such as CCTV, Engine Automation or the DP system can be controlled on the workstations and share data with the entire system. Thereby, solutions of the most varied partners can be considered, having the focus on a high-performance bridge and navigation system which fully correspond to the owner’s specific needs.

Six different colour schemes are available to provide optimized visibility with regard to the prevalent lightning.
Central switch-over of colours and central dimming is possible from any workplace on the bridge. All workstations are delivered with wide-screen displays, which include large and clear structured user interfaces for optimized watch keeping and further improved safety at sea.

ECDIS Tender Tracking

The tender tracking option utilises a third party system that provides you with Real time information and identification of the vessels watercraft, as they operate around the Superyacht (5NM Range).

The tender’s status is provided on the main vessel, and illustrated on the ECDIS System, automatically alerting the crew to any alarms

Furthermore, this system will also provide the tenders with PANIC Buttons, and once triggered, it will automatically sound the alarm on the Bridge Panel and also the vessels central alarm system.

Captains Display:

The Captain’s Display is linked to the dual navigation Ethernet network with a single wire connection and combines selected navigational data on a flat-screen.

  • Radar and ECDIS video from selected workstations
  • Heading and position
  • Steering mode
  • Rudder angles, rate-of-turn
  • Water speed and bottom speed
  • Current depth
  • Relative and true wind
  • Temperature, air pressure and humidity
  • Water temperature

It makes navigational information available in the Captain’s cabin, but can also be installed at any other location on board of the mega yacht. Thanks to an individual configurability of the display, a live experience of navigation can also be provided within crew areas and even to passengers and guests on board.

Seamless of Thruster Controls and Bridge Console:

On the main control bridge, all devices such as steering inserts, autopilot and control elements follow a seamless Anschütz design, with common lightning, fonts, and soft keys. Therefore Raytheon Anschütz offers operation devices for bow and stern thrusters as well as for azimuth control in the same design like all Anschütz steering inserts, autopilots and repeaters. Even controls of main engine and DP systems can be delivered in the well accepted Anschütz design by respective manufacturers. The common lightning as well as same colours, fonts, and soft keys strongly contribute to a homogeneous look and feel of a whole bridge and navigation system. Another benefit is a simplified and comfortable operation of the entire bridge and navigation system.

Attractive Bridge Layout with Individually designed characteristics- extremely important for the Megayacht Market

Should you be interested in discussing these tailormade packages in more detail, then please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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