Construction and Design Services

Since 2018, AWA Marine Philippines has actively engaged in the provision of comprehensive building design and construction services catering to the Maritime Industry. Over this period, our business unit has undergone substantial and rapid growth.

Our portfolio proudly includes the conception and execution of some of the largest Maritime Training Centres in the world. From initial idea conception to final implementation, AWA Marine Philippines has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver top-tier projects in this domain.

This growth trajectory was propelled by our astute recognition of a crucial market need –
A dependable local partner capable of delivering office space design and construction services characterised not only by exceptional quality, but also strict adherence to timelines and budgetary requirements.

Drawing upon the expertise of our team and collaborative network, AWA Marine stands poised to create cutting-edge maritime training facilities that meet the highest standards of excellence.

Please contact us to discover why AWA Marine has been selected by some of the worlds largest Ship Owners and Ship Management companies to build their Maritime Training Facilities and Office space here in The Philippines.


We are a family owned and operated business with over 100 years of experience

Please feel free to contact to discuss your requirements in more detail, we would be delighted to assist you.

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