PBAX- Talkback (AlphaConnect)


The purpose of the AlphaConnect maritime communication system is to give the seafarers easy and reliable onboard communication between all essential places onboard a ship, as well as allowing the possibility of making telephone calls to and from the ship. The system is DNV approved and complies with the IEC60945 standard for maritime electronic communication equipment, which will ensure years of problem free operation.

Telephone system
v Calling between locations onboard
v Features typical functions (transfer, priority call)
v Calls via satellite communication/GSM

Public address (option)
v Integrated via unique power amplifier concept
v Audio signals distributed through wired network
v Conference calls and music distribution

Talk back
v Hailing to deck positions
v Handsfree operation on deck
v Push-to-talk operated from wheelhouse

Strong communication

Provides for onboard conversations between bridge, engine control room, various cabins and offices, workshops, on deck and so on. No matter whether it is dry, wet, noisy or dirty, all locations can be covered by a standard analog telephone or by one of our communication stations with handset, headset or loudhailer.

Calls from the ship to shore can be conducted from all places on board for example, meaning that crew can have their own privacy when calling home. Calls from shore to ship can be distributed to any location onboard, typically to bridge, captain’s cabin or ship’s office, but with our system you do not have to be on the bridge to answer your (satellite) call.

Main cabinet

The AlphaConnect consists of three main components, which is the main cabinet, exchange circuit boards or modular cards and the various telephones and communications stations. The main cabinet is the central part of the system. All telephone lines are fitted inside this cabinet which also distributes power to the communication stations via the signal cables running through the vessel. There are three types available.

AlphaConnect 48
v 2 x 2 wire trunk lines
v 7 free slots (up to 56 extensions)
v 24V DC, 20 to 50 W

AlphaConnect 128
v 2 x 2 wire trunk lines
v 16 free slots (up to 128 xtensions)
v 24V DC, 20 to 100 W

AlphaConnect 256
Available by special request only in a 19-inch rack version for vessels that require maximum communication stations.

Expansion boards

In creating a system for the future, we wanted to provide an enormous amount of expansion to suit a broad spectrum of customer needs. Each board added provides new features. The AlphaConnect has everything needed to build a professional automatic telephone and talkbalk system completely customized to what you need and what is required onboard.


Cabin station with display, phonebook and hands-free function. Magnetized handset for wall mounting.


Cabin station with magnetized handset for wall mounting.

Public Address

The AlphaConnect can distribute Public Address (PA) to all stations with loudspeakers. The system gives the possibility of defining groups with priority levels and can be set up to send a gong signal preceding a spoken message. PA calls are initiated from a telephone and communication station, and do not require special control stations with goose neck microphones.

Ship’s clock

The telephone with display provides the possibility for displaying the ships clock. The time displayed can be set manually or the system can receive the time from a central clock system using NMEA data. Wake up calls can be ordered from any telephone connected to the system.

Communication stations

Typically, for onboard locations such as the bridge, engine control and steering gear room, a simple telephone will not do. Our communication stations share the same mechanical foundation, PCB base design, connector pins and keyboard layout, allowing for straightforward system interchanging and easy to learn and adopt by the crew as operating these advanced telephones are always alike.


The AlphaConnect is using analog telephones for locations such as cabins or offices, typically dry and places with room temperature and little to no noise. Optional handsets available for P220, P411 and P421. Both as a flush mounted versions (P411) and a version to be mounted to the telephone (P220 and P421). Also available in IP66.


The AlphaConnect is using analog telephones for locations such as cabins or offices, typically dry and places with room temperature. A noise-cancelling headset is available for TX500, P211, P220, P411 and P421.

Call data management

A ship owner that wants to register calls made via the satellite equipment can make use of our call data management system. The crew are given user specific accounts and a PIN code, which are used to establish communication through to the satellite connection. When conversations are conducted, call data records are stored on the system disk, which includes information. With less room for error, the responsible officer keeps the overview and issuing invoices for the relevant calls is made straightforward.

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