eLog (electronic logbook)

eLog – electronic logbook by Anschütz
Digitized books with high data quality and global data access

Anschütz eLog is an electronic logbook for ships. It enables automated and digitized logbook entries that eliminate the cost and effort of paper logbook logistics while guaranteeing high data quality and global data access.

Integrated with data exchange services, voyage analytics systems and decision-support solutions, eLog enables the transition of a formerly manual and error-prone process of data collection and transfer into a single-sourced digital process chain for maritime data.

Key Benefits

Secure, global available data

eLog provides consistent and transparent information for ship- and shore-based stakeholders.

  • Blockchain technology for secure and tamperproof data
  • Personalized users, approval workflow through all command levels
  • Owner has full control about data, shore-side inspection of data is possible at any time
  • Data can be re-used for other applications and shared with stakeholders
  • Modern web interface for data access from anywhere in the world
  • Digital entries can be searched, filtered, archived and exported

High data quality

eLog eliminates the risk of improperly filled or incomplete logbooks.

  • Logbook data entries are legible, consistent and complete
  • Automatic data inputs of navigational sensor data at a defined time interval
  • User-friendly templates for fast and reliable manual logbook entries
  • Plausibility checks of logbook data for higher data quality
  • Blockchain technology ensures secure, tamperproof digital archiving of data


the starting point for more efficient processes onboard.

  • Low initial cost for setup and installation (can be done by ship’s electrician)
  • No more costs and efforts for paper logbook logistic and handling
  • Less workload for the crew onboard, less risk for human error
  • Growing scope of logbooks and applications, significant step toward paperless shipping
  • Owner has full control about the data

All traditional logbook entries can be made and viewed. The user enters new logbook entries with consistently high quality, regardless of disruptive factors such as fatigue, stress or weather. Incorrect entries can be edited, the change is displayed in a traceable manner. Vessel particulars can be set, engine and equipment can be configured. eLog consists of a small gateway computer and a web browser application. The scope of eLog may vary from ship to ship. eLog is independent of the manufacturer of the AIS or the navigation systems.

Main Features

High quality logbook data, high efficiency, paperless shipping.

  • Includes relevant log & record books, noon report, IMO crew list, secure file upload, Voice-To-Text as well as a cloud service with remote access
  • Unambiguous entries, presentation of data in a legible and searchable form
  • Simple, time-saving search and filter function
  • Linked records to visualize dependent logbook entries (e.g. pilots, tugs)
  • Easy access to the history of the logbook data with day filter
  • Creation of reports, printing and exporting data kept simple
  • Sustainable and compliant digital information carrier of ship’s operation documentation
  • Continuous updates according relevant regulations

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