AlphaMINDS Docking


Our new Docking software is the second member of applications of our powerful all-in-one software suite AlphaMINDS (Multifunctional Information Navigation Display System). This Docking application can be used within the complete suite or as a standalone application. The Docking screen contains all information needed for safe navigation during the docking procedure of a vessel.

The AlphaMINDS Docking application is capable to plot a scale model of the vessel itself at the exact position in a ENC chart with a calculated prediction of the path of the vessel including the distance from vessels’ hull to the quay as reference into the current map. The officer on watch is now able to have a good overview of the vessel when it enters the harbour and starts docking procedures. When a vessel is equipped with this product, the captain or officer on watch has almost similar information as a local pilot and available in every situation.

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