• Custom built control panels
  • Available in various sizes
  • Pogrammable buttons for group or alarm
  • Alarm buttons protected against accidental use


The control panels come in a width variety, specially made for the functionality needed according to required specifications. The AlphaControlPanels are produced in three standards: Small, Medium and Large. Within these sizes, a customer can decide what kind of functionality is needed, how many buttons, lights or if even a joystick is needed. The panel will be delivered with a foil which can be engraved with text or text with a drawing. The buttons, with many different switching varieties, and lights can also be delivered with or without an engraved surface.

Next to our AlphaControlPanels we can also deliver our new AlphaLine Repeaters supplied with special software which can provide a touch screen switch panel. These panels measurements are according our standard sizes: Small, Medium and Large.
All our panels are delivered with a bracket with a snap-in construction, this makes it easier to service. Due to this no screws are visible and gives your bridge a more esthetic look.

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