Advanced Steering Gear Control System

NautoSteer AS is our advanced steering gear control system for customers that require reliability, safety and an outstanding functional range.
The modular system architecture of NautoSteer AS allows for standardized and cost-effective solutions as well as individual and advanced system configurations. A common user-interface with take-over functions at any device supports intuitive and user-friendly operation. At shipyards, state-of-the-art technology and computer-based commissioning improve and simplify installation and wiring.


Reliability, safety and an outstanding functional range
Cost-effective standard configurations
Flexible system configurations in order to fulfill the requirements
Built-in reliability with CAN bus technology
Fail-safe principle with integrated steering failure and wire-break monitoring
Clear operation in emergency situations helps the crew
Comfortable operation with take-over/ giveover function of steering control positions
Central alarm reset and central dimming

NautoSteer AS can be modified or extended by simply adding components to CAN bus. NautoSteer AS is designed according to fail-safe principles and provides customers with maximum safety in manual and automatic steering gear control.
No single failure in the system causes any unwanted rudder activity. With NautoSteer AS Raytheon Anschütz can offer cost-effective, standardized systems but also customized and extended steering gear control systems.

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