Autopilot PR-3000

Our new autopilot PR-3000 is a successor of PR-2000 which has had a remarkable sales record of over 17,000 units for coastal and fishing vessel.
Adaptation of LCD display is enabling us to provide various types of information for navigation more clearly, and it contributes to reducing of helmsman’s burden and the realizing of safety voyage significantly.
This PR-3000 has 3 types of stand configuration, stand type, GYLOT type(gyro compass built-in steering stand) and console type.
We can propose them based on your specification requirement, and it’s possible to combine the PR-3000 and the steering gear manufactured by Tokyo Keiki or other makers.


    • User-friendly operation panel

While maintaining the userbility of PR-2000, more intuitive maneuvability has been added to this new model.

    • Flexibility suits you to applying new functions onboard

The flexible design of PR-3000 allows you to install the new function* easily even after the PR-3000 is installed to your vessel. *ex. Adaptive control, ACE, and so on.

    • Graphical information supports safe voyage

Adoptation of a LCD display enabling the display of various types of information for simple navigation more clearly.

    • Alert function provides you advanced safety

In addition to the rudder follow-up failure or the abnormality of feedback from solenoid valve, an audible and visible alert for the abnormality of a heading sensor or another sensors will be issued.

    • High reliability system design

Enhancing the redunduncy by separating the function of system, and installing the function that monitors the systems mutually at any time. These designs contribute to high reliability of our PR-3000.

    • Various types of PR-3000 based on the specification

Stand type, GYLOT type, console type, and other several types of PR-3000 we can propose based on your specification requirement. And it’s possible to combine the PR-3000 and the steering gear manufactured by other makers.

GYLOT® type (S type)

Stand type(S type)

Stand type(T type)

Console type(1000mm range)

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