Radar NX

Collision avoidance with high performance!


Radar is a device for detecting the presence, direction, distance, and speed of an object by sending out pulses of radio waves which are reflected off the object back to the source.
The Raytheon Anschütz Radar NX software is designed in accordance with human centered design and requiring little or no training. Optimized grouping of data and current settings allow a superior overview and instant determination of the situation and interpretation of the radar picture.

Collision avoidance

Clear and precise picture of the prevalent traffic situation.
Advanced target tracking and raw data processing deliver full situation awareness (no losses)
Patented technologies optimize target detection and presentation
Clear-structured UI with chart underlay capability simplifies interpretation
Helpful tools support daily navigational routines

Safe and efficient navigation

Advanced functions known from INS for safe navigation.
High performance system-wide target management
Consistent use of qualified data and consistent alert handling
Navigators receive a validated picture of the prevalent situation for right decision making
Less distraction and workload.

Secure & futureproof investment

Ready for future: modular features and compliance with standards.
Future-proof hardware and operating system
Ongoing software compliance (e.g. new ECDIS test standards, such as S-100)
Growing scope of modular features, easy to update
Global service network in case you need help

Scalable system design

The Radar NX software can be applied for a single radar workstation, but also combined with other applications at a multifunctional workstation to offer any function at any place. The system can consist of up to 5 active radar transceivers, 8 fully redundant Multifunctional Workstation and additional Multifunctional Displays and Radar Planning Stations. The workstations can be equipped with high performance small marine computers and displays in various sizes.

Main Features

Superior overview through optimized grouping of data and current settings
Advanced tracker for optimized performance in tracking and anti-clutter
Lossless digital video distribution enhances flexibility and performance (NautoScan NX radars)
Support of user profiles; each user is able to store the favorite settings
Individual PPI organization and filtering on each console due to RAW video transmission from the transceiver to the workstation
Optional features, such as helicopter guidance, formation manager, camera integration, and other
Fully type approved according to IEC62388

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