Radar (JMA-3400_1)




The newest addition to the JRC radar portfolio is the JMA-3400 series. This lightweight radar has user-friendly operation system and is specially designed for fishing boats, non-international trading vessels and workboats. The system can be completed by choosing from a variety of 2 ft, 3.9 ft, 4 ft and 6 ft scanners.

12.1-inch fully dimmable display
High speed version available
High-visibility by glass-bonded display
Brushless antenna motors for extended lifetime
Chart overlay (NAVIONICS+)

Light-weight design
Real Time Head-up Function (Constaview)
Latest technologies included
Variety of compact X-band scanner units


The 12.1-inch dimmable LCD provides excellent visibility and durability. It reduces reflection of sunlight and shows clear images of even the smallest targets. The ergonomic keyboard offers user customizable keys. Programming the USER keys give you instant access to your favourite functions.

The newly developed thin body is reduced till only 97.1 mm depth, so that it can be installed on small vessels where effective use of the limited space needs to be taken in account.

Radar overlay

By displaying the radar image and the NAVIONICS+:*1 chart in an overlapping manner, you can grasp the relationship between the radar image and the coastlines simultaneously.


Naturally our patented real time Constaview functionality is incorporated into the new radar system, processing the radar image before being displayed, generating a smooth rotation when sailing in Head-Up mode. To use real-time Head-Up, own ship position information (GPS connection) and input of heading information (compass connection) is required. When changing to North-Up, the new radar image is displayed without any delay caused by the scanner rotation. By displaying the other ships moving with a tail and displaying the fixed objects such as land and buoys so that they do not pull the tail, the movements and fixed objects of other ships can be accurately read.



Traditional technology relies on several sweeps of the scanner to redraw the image. Trails are presented as relative.



Constaview refreshes the image every 16 ms. Despite heading changes trails are always true.


A wide range of X-band scanners, varying from small and light radome type to open array type, are available depending on installation space and required performance, all with exceptionally reliable target detection capabilities. The latest leading technologies with a set of advanced features are integrated, allowing the radar to run images faster and more efficient than ever before. Also, the brushless antenna motors in the scanner guarantee for extended lifetime.


By connecting with AIS, it is possible to display ships on the island’s shadow where radar waves do not reach, enabling safer navigation.

In order to use the AIS display function, it is necessary to input own ship position information (GPS connection), heading information (compass connection) and AIS information.

The JMA-3400 series is equipped with target tracking (TT) function and AIS display function. To use the target tracking function, input of heading information (compass connection) is required.


Scanner NKE-2043
Mass : Approx. 10 kg

Scanner NKE-2063A/HS
Mass : Approx. 21kg

Scanner NKE-2103-4/4HS
Mass : Approx. 34 kg

Scanner NKE-2103-6/6HS
Mass : Approx. 36kg

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