Radar (AlphaScan 5900)

Sea Radar CAT-2

  • Available with 19-inch or 26-inch display
  • Wide range scanner selection
  • Intuitive man machine interface
  • Advanced processing


The AlphaScan 5900 is powered by JRC and is available with 19-inch and 26-inch proprietary displays and a wide range of X and S-band scanners, including JRC’s unique 8ft solid state high speed S-band. Plus a smart multi button/trackball that controls the system and allows the operator to “turn and press” to access various functions such as zoom, display and brightness and track color. The function selected at that point is shown at the top center on the display.

The AlphaScan 5900 includes the powerful Blizzard™ processor that features advanced
signal processing and graphic drawings, regardless of which display you are using it delivers unprecedented performance – all around. So whether you are browsing through your alarm list, tracking 100+ ARPA and/or AIS targets, the AlphaScan 5900 with its Blizzard™ processing flies through the most complex tasks with incredible power and speed.

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