Straight Leg Course Control Unit CC-06

The latest Automatic Steering Function (ACE: Advanced Control for Ecology) is now available for integration to existing PR-6000 Autopilots!

Straight Leg Course Control (ACE) is

a new Course Control function (ACE: Advanced Control for Ecology) that automatically creates a route
on the heading between the ship’s current position and destination, calculates outside desturbances (tides),
and implements the best rudder control making it possible for the vessel to sail the most efficient route.

Compared to normal automatic steering (Heading Control),
Less route deviation
Shorter sailing distance
Reduction in the use of Rudder
Minimized burden on the Helmsman
contribute to a safe and more efficient voyage.

Characteristics of Straight Leg Course Control function (ACE)

  • Reduction in Fuel consumption (about 1~2% reduction)
  • Route deviation is reduced allowing the vessel to sail the shortest distance to the
    destination without influence from tides etc, and the safety of the voyage is improved.
  • Reduction in course changes decreases the amount of Rudder used lessening the burden
    on the Helmsman.
  • Operates the same as normal Heading Control, it is easy to use and worry free.
    Easy changeover between Heading Control and ACE can be done by the push of a single button.
  • Installation is easy due to the location and direct connection to GPS and Speedlog.
    (For details please contact TOKYO KEIKI Sales and or Service Department.)

Actual test result (example)

Test area:Route between Japan and AustraliaTest conditions:Beauford Scale 1~5/Tide:0.2~3knTest vessel:Bulk Carrier (length 190m/weight 31,482 GRT)

1.5% reduction in fuel consumption
(1.5% energy saving)

Route deviation distance is reduced
contributing to safe navigation

Vessel does not deviate from the course,
less course changes

Burden on the Helmsman is reduced,
decrease in vessel speed due to rudder
changes is suppressed.

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