Magnetic Compass SH-165A2/SH-165A2-1

TOKYO KEIKI provides two types of Magnetic Compass as follows.
These two types of Magnetic Compass comply with IMO, ISO25862 and “Wheel Marking”

〈Magnetic Compass Reflector Type SH-165A2〉

Magnetic Compass Reflector Type is designed to reflect the card image of compass bowl in a mirror through reflecting pipe. The compass card floating in a bowl is lightened by under lamp. For ease of reading, the reflected image of compass card is magnified by lens in reflecting pipe.

〈Magnetic Compass Remote Display Type SH-165A2-1〉

Instead of reflecting pipe, SH-165A2-1 applies Universal Display UD-10 as heading indicator, which contributes to simplifying design and saving space of wheel house.
Complied with IMO requirements, and also with “Wheel Marking”.

Compliance with

・IMO A.382 (X)、ISO 25862
・Marine Equipment Directive (MED)
・Japanese Government Certificate No.4294

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