Intergrated Bridge Systems (Raytheon Anschutz)

Integrated Bridge and Navigation Systems (IBS / INS) from Raytheon Anschütz provide excellent performance and reliable of navigation under all conditions by integrating well-proven, harmonized equipment.

Synapsis Bridge Control Synapsis Intelligent Bridge Control, the latest version of an Integrated Bridge and Navigation System, features new wide-screen, task-orientated Multifunctional Workstations. Using standard hardware and software, the workstations allows full scalability and future expandability. Possible configurations are ranging from a stand-alone ECDIS workplace to a full integrated workstation that provides access to all nautical tasks such as route monitoring, collision avoidance, navigation control, status and data display, and alarm monitoring.

A central change of display color schemes as well as central dimming can be processed from any workstation within the bridge system.

The configurations and tasks of the workstations are controlled by a newly developed Bridge Integration Platform. The platform provides common interfaces to further ship systems that enable the integration of additional applications such as automation, DP system or CCTV from various suppliers on the Multifunctional Workstations.

Within the navigation system, all data is distributed by a dual Ethernet bus, stored independently at any workstation. Having all the information consistently available throughout the whole navigation network also allows creating new display pages with respect to individual requirements. In conjunction with our autopilot series, the Integrated Bridge and Navigation Systems allow qualified track control while the radar or ECDIS screen is being watched, thus achieving a higher level of navigation systems integration.

Reliable sensors support the core navigation system with all the relevant data, which is distributed and monitored by a fully redundant data and alarm management system.

Radio communication systems according to GMDSS can be added to the Integrated Bridge and Navigation System.

Integration by Raytheon Anschütz offers clear benefits:

    • Improved precision, performance and efficiency
    • Full navigation data access at any workstation
    • Seamless integration of Anschütz heading sensors and steering systems
    • Maximum safety with respect to collision avoidance and anti-grounding
    • Centralized alarm handling and monitoring
    • Common operation philosophy with respect to ergonomical system design
    • Redundant bus system
    • Optimized system functionality, e.g. integrated autopilot operation in radar and ECDIS, track monitoring and overlay of radar, ECDIS and AIS representations
    • Standardized interfaces and reduced costs of wiring
    • Worldwide service and maximum spare parts availability
    • Reduced operation cost
    Developed in conformity to DNV NAUT-AW specification, Raytheon Anschütz IBS fulfil basic IMO requirements as well as highest class notations.

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