DP and Joystick

Navis is a leading developer and supplier of dynamic positioning and ship automation systems for the international marine industry.

The NavDP 4000 Series is a new generation of Navis Dynamic Positioning Systems combining the best qualities of the previous system, the Navis IVCS Series, with the latest achievements in technology and recent design ideas gained from experienced users’ feedback, recent Class rules changes and market trends.

The Navis NavDP4000 series system is fully flexible in configuration design and can be supplied as a stand-alone or integrated solution tailored to the specific needs of every customer. For retrofit and new buildings, offshore supply and survey vessels, mega-yachts, Ro-Ro ferries and cruising ships – we always find the optimal solution to ensure the best results in any given situation.

The modular architecture of the Navis NavDP 4000 Series allows for integration with various types of propulsion/thruster and power management systems. The sensors and reference system are selected according to the class rules and vessel mission.

  • Typical applications for the Navis NavDP 4000 series include:
  • Offshore supply vessels
  • Anchor handling tugs
  • Oil and Gas shuttle tankers
  • Dredgers
  • Cruise ships and mega-yachts
  • Hydrographic survey vessels
  • Buoy tenders
  • Cable layers

DP Basic System Overview and Principles, as follows:

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