Digital Displays


When your bridge is equipped with the AlphaLine MultiFunction series of navigation and communication instruments, then your bridge will look both smart and clear. All the instruments are easy to operate via the transparent color touchscreen display, which is available in three standard sizes that form a well-aligned complete whole.

The nautical instruments can act as a standalone indicator or as a repeater for measurements such as speed, depth, time, wind speed and direction.

In the AlphaLine displays, we offer a complete series of sophisticated instruments typified by uniform design and simple operation.

Besides the touchscreen control, we also have a version supported by a multifunctional rotary knob or joystick operation whenever more functionality is needed.

The TFT displays can also be used outside according to DNV 2.4 standard, front IP56 and rear IP22. The touch screens can be easily read during daylight but also in darkness, with excellent clarity, even when viewed from a wide angle

These Displays are typically used for the following catagories:

  • Engine information panel
  • Hardwire switch panels
  • Heading repeater
  • Heading/rate of turn repeater
  • Meteo system
  • Radar control unit
  • Rate of turn repeater
  • Rudder indicator system
  • Rudder/rate of turn repeater
  • Ship’s clock
  • Speed repeater
  • Steering repeater
  • TMC repeater system
  • Touch screen switch panels
  • Trio repeater depth/speed/heading
  • Wind speed and direction system

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