Centralized data display for the ship’s command!

Conning NX is a centralized navigation data display for the ship’s command and makes all bridge navigation and machinery status data easily available at a glance. The combination of different instruments and indications at a central display increases situational awareness, even in critical situations of maneuvering and docking.


Additional situational awareness, easy to add to a system.
Standard pages for various vessel types
Different pre-configured pages for different maneuvering situations (e.g. navigation, steering performance, docking, track)
Graphics are individually adapted to the specific type of equipment
Not only a display: Conning allows operation of various functions provided e.g. with an integrated navigation system (e.g. CCRS sensor selection, CAM centralized alert presentation)

Docking Display

The Docking Display provides a navigator situational awareness of the ship, its condition and influencing parameters in the docking maneuver, in addition to a chart window to facilitate docking. The Docking Displays will offer safer operations and lower risk of failure.
The usage and performance of the chart display is comparable to an electronic chart display and information system and allows, for example, toggling between ship-centered mode including off-center distance, and free movement, and supports multiple chart views (e.g., different scale, chart details, own ship options). The active route is shown with waypoints, labels, path, radius, and cross track distance limits.

Type approval & standards

Compliant to latest IMO standard for bridge alert management (MSC.302(87))

Conning NX on 12” Panel-PCs (e.g. for CAM/BAM)

The Conning NX software enables new applications on a powerful 12” panel PC with touch display. The panel-PC has a solid-state disk and low-noise passive cooling. It can be mounted into the bridge console or ceiling consoles.
A smart Conning NX applications provides the human-machine interface for a centralized alert management (CAM) on bridge level or as a bridge alert management (BAM) system for DNVGL Class Notation NAUT OSV. On request, Conning NX can also enable customized pages with switchable elements for functions that use separate hardware devices so far (such as navigational lights or window wipers).
Primary displays
Primary display is a feature to make Conning NX a digital replacement for heading repeaters, rudder angle indicators, rate of turn indicators, RPM indicators, and pitch indicators. The feature runs on the standard displays, but also on the 12” panel-pcs which can be mounted into bridge consoles.

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