Multifunctional workstations

A workstation is a special computer designed for technical or scientific applications. They are connected to a local area network and run multi-user operating systems. Synapsis NX Multifunctional Workstations can be scaled all the time to customer requirements, from a stand-alone workstation up to a fully integrated multifunctional workstations with access to any nautical tasks on a fingertip.


(Chart-) radar, ECDIS, and conning with clear user interfaces and intuitive workflows
Advanced functions for consistent data, better situational awareness and easier operation
Integrated redundancies, safety and efficiency through “any function at any place”
Fewer and standardized components for better reliability and scalability
Smart software simplifies system configuration and service
Streamlined sensor collection for flexibility and reduced cabling
Easy installation, low installation cost

Advanced functions (formerly only found on complete Integrated Navigation Systems) have now become a standard for each workstation, even in case of a stand-alone installation. Synapsis NX Workstations use the new generation V2 of the Small Marine Computer (SMC) as the standard for all applications, making logistics fairly simply, shortening service time and cost, and allowing for high scalability of our systems. The SMC features an ultra-compact design and powerful processing capabilities.

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