Gyro compass refit

Gyro compass refit
upgrade to latest gyro compass technology

Over the past decade, gyro compass technology and onboard infrastructure were continuously developed. A new gyro compass system helps to reduce regular maintenance and prevents unplanned downtimes. Refitting contributes to more efficient ship operation.

Key Benefits

Reduce maintenance cost and increase the lifetime of the system

  • Cost-efficient replacement of any old gyro compass
  • Existing repeaters, autopilots and other heading receivers (periphery) can remain on board
  • Existing cabling can be used
  • Minimum installation time
  • Even old gyro compasses with step and synchro output can efficiendtly be repalced with converters

What type of gyro compass needs to be replaced?

Anschütz gyro compasses offer a perfect match for a smooth refit of outdated, unreliable and failing gyro compass system from any maker.

Gyro Compasses until end of the 1990s

Until the end of the 1990s gyro compasses with analog synchro or step interfaces for heading information were installed. These can be replaced by new compasses in combination with converter. The converter transforms the heading from modern compasses from serial data telegrams into synchro and step. Thus, the existing cabling and periphery, such as repeaters, can still be used.

Gyro Compasses after mid of the 1990s

Since mid of the 1990s gyro compasses with serial data (telegrams according to NMEA 0183 or IEC 61162-1) became more popular and are still sold. The Anschütz heading management system is perfectly prepared for the refit of such compasses. It is possible to replace only parts of a compass system or to integrate existing magnetic and gyro compasses to renew an existing compass system step by step. The existing periphery can continuously be used further on and thus the investment volume can be kept within a reasonable range.

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