Fiber Optic Gyrocompass TF-900

TOKYO KEIKI innovated the market more than 100 years ago with the introduction of mechanical gyro compass to the world. Today we continue such innovation by introducing the newest way to measure direction aboard ship by the use of cutting edge fiber optic gyro technology.


  • Complies with the latest international maritime requirements and major classification societies.
  • Even as a high performance system utilizing the latest inertial navigation technology, it is NOT subject to the List Control of Japan for export.
  • The sensor unit contains NO movable parts meaning NO periodic overhaul. When compared to mechanical gyrocompass, Fiber Optic Gyrocompass contributes to running cost savings.
  • Settling time within 30 minutes after the application of power. Much faster than mechanical gyrocompass allowing for quicker departure.
  • Dual gyrocompass configuration (including connection to Tokyo Keiki mechanical gyrocompass (TG series) is available.
  • The operating procedures and optional items (accessories) are the same as those of our conventional mechanical gyrocompass (TG-8000 series). Therefore the operator can feel at ease when using TF-900 exactly same as the conventional TG-8000 series mechanical gyrocompass.
  • We provide a complete and worry free after service support backed by our technical expertise of fiber optic technologies and experience as long-established gyrocompass manufacturer.

Dual gyrocompass system configuration is available

In addition to single gyrocompass, TF-900 dual system configuration is also available.
Moreover, TF-900 can be incorporated with mechanical gyrocompass (TG series) for dual gyrocompass configuration.

Easy to retrofit from mechanical gyrocompass (TG-8000 series)

Retrofitting is easily done by ONLY replacing the master compass (TG-8000 series) with a new sensor unit (TF-900) and
making a slight modification on the existing control unit. Possible to retrofit in one day during the vessel’s port call.
(※Details of the retrofit procedure might be different according to models and specifications of existing gyrocompass.)

Available to add as additional (No.2) sensor

TF-900 can be added to an existing Tokyo Keiki single gyrocompass system as an additional sensor via the AGI unit
(Additional Gyrocompass Interface unit).
In the event of gyrocompass trouble, the sensor can be quickly changed/switched to the additional sensor supporting safe and
secure navigation. Existing accessories (repeaters etc.) can be used as they are without any modification or changing.

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