Dual Gyro Changeover unit

Dual gyro changeover unit

  • Provides connections for two gyro compasses, allowing for a dual gyro system
  • Automatic function to switch over in case of a blackout in one of the heading sources
  • Receives serial signal of heading and rate of turn from both gyro compasses and displays heading of both
  • Wheelmark approved, ensuring quality and reliability


The Dual Gyro Changeover unit (DGC-01) is an essential component for the AlphaMidiCourse Mk2. It allows for the connection of two AlphaMidiCourse Mk2 gyros and receives their serial signal for heading and rate of turn. With the DGC-01, you can easily display the heading of both gyro compasses and switch between them as needed.The unit has a selecting function that outputs the true heading of the selected gyrocompass as a serial signal and step signal. Additionally, the rate of turn outputs as an analogue signal. The DGC-01 also includes functions and indicators that allow for easy comparison of heading information and quick and efficient switching between heading sources. The DGC-01 is designed to ensure uninterrupted operation, even in the event of a blackout. It features an automatic function that will switch over to the second gyrocompass in the event of a failure, making it a reliable and efficient solution for survey vessels, dynamic positioning vessels, and any other situation where a dual gyro system is necessary. As a Wheelmark approved changeover unit, you can trust the DGC-01 to deliver accurate and reliable performance when it matters most. Invest in the Dual Gyro Changeover unit (DGC-01) for the AlphaMidiCourse Mk2 today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vessel is equipped with the best technology available.

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