Doppler (JLN-652)

Doppler current meter

  • 3D twist mode operation
  • Measuring up and down current
  • 50 independent measuring layers
  • Automatic bottom current tracking


The new JLN-652BB Doppler current meter integrates a compelling combination of function and features, packed into a compact space-saving design, enabling quick and accurate acquisition of speed and tidal current data.

JRC engineers listened closely to feedback given by captains and realized yet another unique function in this class of current meters. The JLN-652BB is able to accurately measure up and down current, particularly useful to predict the sinking ratio of your nets by following the natural motion of the underwater current. The JLN-652BB Doppler current meter has the ability to process and display continuous tidal currents of 50 independent measuring layers down to maximum 200 meter depending on sea condition. To simplify matters, the user only has to set five depths layers (A, B, C, D, E), of which each layer is measured in four directions. The 50 layers are automatically set relative to depth which has been indicated.

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