GPS Compass

  • Low Cost GNSS Compass System
  • Six-axis sensor for added security
  • Optional Lifetime Licences, for 0.75 degree heading and 30 cm RMS accuracy
  • Available in both NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 output versions


V200 offers an incredible combination of simple installation, small form factor and amazing performance. The compass, measuring only 35 cm in length, mounts easily to a pole. Also mounts to a flat surface with optional mounting kit. The stability and maintenance-free design of the V200 provides simple integration into autopilots, chart plotters and AIS systems. There are no mechanical parts such as gimbals or a rotating motor, so this compass is free from routine maintenance.

The V200 performance is not affected by geo-magnetism, making it the perfect solution for any marine application! Heading is determined from GNSS, and there is no need to wait for settling time, gyrocompass calibration or speed corrections. The V200 also features the exclusive Tracer™ technology which provides consistent performance with correction data. This compass is less likely to be affected by differential signal outages due to signal blockages, weak signals or interference when using Tracer.

The sensor is designed to improve system performance and to provide backup heading information in the event a GNSS heading is not available due to signal blockage. The sensor provides a substitute heading accurate to within 1º per minute for up to three minutes.

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