CCTV (AlphaCam)


A complete line of cameras

Good and comfortable visibility is essential for safety on the waterways and open seas. The AlphaCam line consists of fixed, zoom and dome cameras for the industrial environment onboard ships, reassuring the safety of crew, passengers and cargo. The robust and durable design ensures many years of problem free operation, each with its own set of unique features.

Each and every vessel has different camera needs and the AlphaCam line allows for a very flexible configurable system, far beyond the typical requirements. Naturally besides the cameras, our solution includes full (select, switch and control) interfacing capability, joysticks and push buttons to operate the CCTV environment onboard.

Mini camera,
Small in size, strong in performance

The mini cameras are available in two versions, stainless steel or polyurethane and both have a 1.3MP sensor in an IP67 proof housing. The stainless steel version has the camera mounted in a watertight box and this “camera box” is then fitted into a stainless steel housing. The watertight box housing the camera can be mounted at different positions relative to the housing. Even when the monitor is tilted at 90°, it still allows for a proper viewing angle. Due to the extremely small size, installing is possible at virtually any location.

We also have the polyurethane version which has a completely molded housing. Due to this, the camera cannot rotate however this version is extremely suitable for the roughest conditions. An additional advantage is the reduced impact of vibration and the lower risk of ropes getting tangled or the camera being knocked off. Typically CCTV cameras are limited to 540 horizontal TV lines, however both cameras feature 1000 TV lines, adding a dramatically improved sharpness on the monitor. The mini cameras also have infrared (IR) LEDs for use during night time. The brightness of the IR leds can be controlled externally to overcome white spot during night time. A number of lens angles are available in mirrored positions, suitable if for example the camera is mounted towards the stern and the port side needs to be shown on the portside of the display in the wheelhouse.

Zoom camera,
Precise zoom, easy to operate

Similar to the mini series, the zoom camera is available as a separate camera box from the housing. This makes is possible to rotate the camera relative to the housing. This allows the camera to be mounted at various angles such as 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°.

The remote control signals of the zoom camera is transmitted over coax cable, together with the video signal, so no need for extra wiring to enable zoom and focus. This makes it also possible that in many situations these cameras can replace the existing onboard CCTV system without the need for new cabling. The lens is chemically hardened, making it extremely strong and avoids problems with condensation or frost.

The zoom camera (and also mini and dome), captures images in full color and when low light conditions occur, the camera automatically switches to black and white, enhancing visibility during the periods of darkness. With a zoom ratio of 16x digital and an amazing 43x optical, effective decisions can be made based upon the visual feedback from any remote location. Also with the many more options that are available through the menu, such as backlight compensation, contrast enhancements, motion detection, day/night selection it is truly an extra set of eyes on the bridge or elsewhere required.

Dome camera,
Pan, tilt, zoom in close reach

Camera monitoring systems can play an important role in maintaining safety conditions and efficiency onboard ships. Next to that, extra visual coverage helps to keep a better eye on the ship, crew and surroundings. The pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera, available in PAL or NTSC, is capable of remote directional and zoom control.

The dome with 360° continuous rotation is available in a aluminium and polyurethane version, both are a durable solution resistant against corrosion and therefore perfectly suited for marine environment and commercial applications. Both indoor and outside.

Similar to the zoom camera, all control data is over video. With four preset camera positions, this camera is helpful when maneuvring and during ship crane or dredging applications. The dome camera is also available in a 90° titled version, well suited for a portrait monitor.

A complete line of cameras

With our camera line up we can address the most complicated needs and are confident that the options we have available will help you to improve the safety, security and efficiency onboard and enhance the ergonomics and comfort for operaters.

(Aft) deck

The deck view camera will give the operator a good view of people working on deck, machinnery and stowed materials.

Bridge wing

The bridge wing camera is used to observe the gangways and for maneuvering and mooring of the ships.

Engine room

Most of the time the engine room is unmanned and no visual of this area. This way oil spill or smoke forming can be seen before detection systems give a warning.

Anchor winch

With the winch camera, the operator can see if the cable is running properly on to the reel and to detect any damage to the cable well in time.

Single or multiple camera installation

A mix of interfaces, joystick and push buttons and camera control is available to support a single or multiple camera installation. From a simple interface for a single mini, zoom or dome camera to dedicated video selecting interface connecting multiple dome cameras. The video select interface has multiple BNC in/outputs for connecting to monitors or quads.

We also have a switch and control interface which is needed to select and control the camera with preset buttons and joystick. All interfaces can be multiplied in case of an extensive network of cameras onboard.

To keep the overview, dedicated control panels for the camera are available with up to 16 pushbuttons in combination with a proportional joystick. We also have a 12 button version panel integrating a dedicated 2-axis joystick. All our control panels include a patented snap on mounting system to install without tools. A 2-axis joystick provides a simple and convenient way to add X-Y control (zoom-focus) to a zoom camera.

In case of installation with a selection of cameras, it is possible to show these on multiple monitors. We also use an 8 BNC input quad to show multiple images on one monitor. On this monitor it is possible to select a camera which can be controlled on a full screen. All other cameras are still available and visible on the other monitor as well.

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