Sea Water Sensor

For high precision measurement and evaluation!

The S2VTD-Mod probe S 250 is an advanced Bathymetric Measurement System for high precision measurement and evaluation of sea water salinity, sound velocity, temperature, density and pressure.

A bathymetric system consists of one or two probes mounted outside the pressure hull of the submarine. Highest degrees of integration and functionality are achieved when connected to the Raytheon Anschütz Navigation and Data Management Center (NDMC) for data display, storage and distribution. Alternately the S2VTD-Mod probe isused as stand-alone system with a separate evaluation unit or is connected to specific echosounder systems.

Facts & features for safe navigation
Enhance submarine’s safety by dedicated water layer detection
Support of submarine trim control
Support of tactical decisions and providing accurate SV for sonar
Underwater replaceable & maintainable – no docking required

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