Search Light Sonar (JFP-185)


Advanced technology

The JFP-185 searchlight sonar uses a wide band transducer. The most suitable output frequency in a band from 130 to 210 kHz can be selected in 0.1 kHz steps, depending on the fishing method and the target species in various depths. The flexible selection of frequencies also enables the fishing vessel to operate at a different frequency than those of surrounding vessels.

Various display modes

The sonar integrates multiple display modes, facilitating a valuable working environment by illuminating the underwater scene with a beam of sonic energy rotating through 360 degrees. The JFP-185 provides a range of display modes to suit the search task.

Black box configuration

The searchlight sonar consists of a compact processor, dedicated keyboard and high performance transducer, allowing for a flexible installation approach in confined spaces. You can choose your own display, as long as it supports VGA.

Optimum tilting

The center of the beam can be set in 1-degree increments from 5 degrees from the horizontal, to 90 degrees from the sea surface. The transducers ultra sonic beam sweeps a specific sector and bearing. When pointing straight down, the beam will give a high definition picture of the sea floor. As the beam moves from the perpendicular to the horizontal, bottom definition reduces and fish detection improves.

User friendly keyboard

With the icon based keyboard operation full control of the searchlight sonar is made easy. The one-touch menu keys are conveniently backlit and are highlighted with the green color once selected, making operation extremely useful in low light settings.

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