Global Express (JUE-100GX)

Inmarsat Global Xpress

  • High-speed ship-to-shore data communication environment
  • Combines GX and FB for continuous stability and high-speed
  • Upload more data with standard 5W and optional 10W BUC upgrade
  • Ensured coverage with expandable dual antenna interswitch


JRC translates their unique Japanese mindset of service and hospitality in many ways, one of which is in how we develop our quality products ensuring total value for users. The product needs to function as a reliable solution, or serve a specific purpose for our customers. And this is exactly how we started development of our new JUE-100GX Inmarsat Global Xpress 1m antenna model. Diverse and flexible, applicable and relevant to different markets on various types of large vessels. The JUE-100GX can be widely used for remote vessel monitoring, optimized route selection by Weather Routing, reduced fuel consumption, and can be complimented with JRC’s maritime benefit package.

JRC is one of the world’s longest-established companies in the field of marine electronics, and a pioneer in global mobile L-band satellite communications as Inmarsat’s longest-serving manufacturing partner. From the beginnings of the maritime satellite communications era JRC has invested heavily in research and development year-on-year. With our new design of JUE-100GX Ka-band terminal and antenna delivering high-speed ship-to-shore data, JRC continues to offer a creative solution to the maritime industry while also serving the next smart shipping era.

Inmarsat Fleet Xpress is a system that combines the GX (Ka-band) and the FB (L-band). The GX and FB switches automatically depending on the weather and provides users with high-speed and stable communication at all times. The GX provides high-speed communication during fine weather, and the FB provides limited-speed but stable communication on rain fading.

Upgradable BUC

High-capacity data uploading is possible as the JUE-100GX can easily be upgraded with high throughput service by selecting 10W High Power Block Up Converter (BUC) system as an option at purchasing instead of the standard 5W. It uses the same antenna size, there is no need to replace the Below Deck Terminal (BDT) and no additional components are required.

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